EBIT/EV Multiple Definition

EBIT/EV Multiple Definition,

EBIT/EV Multiple Definition:

The definition of EBIT/EV Multiple Definition is: Multiple of EBIT / EV allocated for earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) distributed by Company Value (EV), a financial index to measure the increase in company revenue Is.

  • Investors and analysts use EBIT / EV multiples to understand how earnings performance affects a company's value.
  • EBIT / EV will be better for many high, investors, as it shows that the company has low leverage and high levels of cash.
  • EBIT / EV multipliers allow investors to effectively compare various levels of debt and taxes, in addition to the company's profits.

Literal Meanings of EBIT/EV Multiple Definition


Meanings of EBIT:
  1. Income before interest and taxes.


Meanings of EV:
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