Definition of EBay:

  1. Buy or sell (goods) through the eBay website.

  2. Online auction service used to buy and sell items. The company uses an electronic platform to facilitate millions of transactions every day. Users seeking to purchase items make bids over a specific time period and then the seller determines guidelines such as a minimum bid he or she is willing to accept. Payment is typically made electronically through PayPal and then the merchandise is shipped to the buyer.

How to use EBay in a sentence?

  1. Were not asking you to eBay your gear and take up shuffleboard, of course.
  2. My two favorite site to shop on are Ebay and Amazon because they have really affordable prices and great products.
  3. You can find good deals on many items using Ebay, just be careful and check the sellers to see if they can be trusted.
  4. If you havent been able to get rid of a product for awhile and need the shelf space you can always try ebay .

Meaning of EBay & EBay Definition

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