Easement, Public

Easement, Public,

Easement, Public:

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Literal Meanings of Easement, Public


Meanings of Easement:
  1. The right to cross or use other people's land for a specific purpose.

  2. State or a sense of peace or tranquility.

Sentences of Easement
  1. With prescription you can get more facilities and benefits like other countries.

  2. However, road rights fall into the category of land rights known as convenience.

  3. We assume that the property is not subject to weight restrictions, extraordinary fees, facilities or the right of way and is not affected by any proposal from the municipal government.

  4. The law would allow the government to apply facilities on private land to guarantee public access to the beach.

  5. He was told that there were no facilities on the property when in fact they were.

  6. All trails will pass through Brampton via a peaceful walk that traverses the lands of Ren Hart and Wilson.

  7. In addition, owners usually offer facilities for the installation of poles, pits, water pipes or gutters.

  8. The basic premise is that all parts of private property are protected by the commodity that is sold to the CTA by the owner.

Synonyms of Easement



Meanings of Public:
  1. As a whole or related to people.

  2. Open or shared by all residents of a region or country.

  3. Involvement or involvement in social affairs, especially government

  4. Many famous people are known.

  5. What, seen or seen

  6. Provided by the government, not an independent company.

  7. To, or to university.

  8. Ordinary people in a large society.

  9. Part of a party with a special interest or relationship.

  10. People who see or are interested in artists, writers or actors.

  11. Become a public company

  12. Give details of past personal affairs.

Sentences of Public
  1. Public issue

  2. Fitzgerald said the press and the public's right to know about matters of legitimate public interest would be recognized.

  3. The trust acknowledged the public's concerns but had no reason to dismiss the lawsuit.

  4. You need to recognize the public concern about precautionary deaths, and rightly so.

  5. In my experience, press galleries are more concerned with the public than private matters.

  6. We acknowledge that this is a matter of great public concern.

  7. Etiquette is not a personal matter. They are in the great public interest.

  8. This sharing is important for the right questions and concerns in public forums.

  9. But he acknowledged that it was growing out of politicians and politicians' public malice.

  10. We need to know how the delays occurred and if there are any other health issues we need to know about them.

Synonyms of Public

exposed, aficionados, important, concertgoers, recognized, community, obvious, shared, populace, noted, world, overt, joint, common, open to the public, population, outstanding, residents, electorate, general, universal, collective, eminent, notable, communal, general public, spectators, not private, distinguished, widely known