Earth Movement Exclusion

Earth Movement Exclusion,

What is The Meaning of Earth Movement Exclusion?

  1. Earth Movement Exclusion means, Exceptions to most property insurance policies that refuse to cover not only earthquakes but also any kind of land damage.

Literal Meanings of Earth Movement Exclusion


Meanings of Earth:
  1. The planet where we live the world, the level of the world other than the sky or the sea, where humanity currently lives, except heaven or hell.

  2. Soil substance on the surface of the earth.

  3. In the case of electrical contact with the earth, it is assumed that there is no possibility of electricity on the earth.

  4. An underground hiding place or a house for ferrets or foxes.

  5. Cover plant roots and rootstock with accumulated soil.

  6. Take the fox to its hiding place under the ground.

  7. Connect to the ground.

Sentences of Earth
  1. Diversity of life on earth

  2. Earth's crust

  3. Make sure the metal parts are electrically ground

  4. To prevent access to gutters such as land, signals and artificial places, too much hunting is done one day before or at the beginning of hunting day.

  5. The stems can be boiled by melting, which softens the taste.

  6. Once connected, the pump is grounded and I get some extra security.

Synonyms of Earth

topsoil, sod, den, sphere, orb, clod, globe, tunnel, sett, loam, clay, cave, soil, dirt, turf, burrow, warren, lair, planet, silt, world, hole


Meanings of Movement:
  1. The act of changing or altering a physical location or location

  2. Change or development.

  3. A group of people who work together to promote their political, social or artistic ideas.

  4. The main division of the longer musical work, independent in tone, tempo and structure.

  5. To defecate

Sentences of Movement
  1. Slight movement of the upper body

  2. Movement in major financial markets

  3. Labor movement

  4. The slow motion of his violin concert

  5. If you do not go out at least once a day, you are on the path to illness.

Synonyms of Movement

section, organization, faction, fluctuation, manoeuvre, development, change, wing, party, fall, move, variation, lobby, rise, grouping, part, passage, political group, front, camp, motion, division


Meanings of Exclusion:
  1. Action or exception or status of exception.

Sentences of Exclusion
  1. Drug addicts are exempt from military service

Synonyms of Exclusion

barring, embargo, banning, disbarring, keeping out, debarment, prohibition, debarring, ban