Definition of Earnings:

  1. Money obtained in return for labor or services.

  2. The famous bottom line, being the last line-item in an income statement. In the UK and most other countries, earnings generally represent the balance left after deducting operating expenses, interest charges, taxes, and dividends on the preference shares (preferred stock) but not extraordinary items. In the US, earnings are often used interchangeably with net income (net profit). Earnings of a firm are the paramount measure of its value as seen by the stockmarket which prizes both fast as well as stable earnings growth.

  3. Alternative term for net income.

Synonyms of Earnings

Accession, Acquirement, Acquisition, Addition, Attainment, Avails, Base pay, Box office, Capital gains, Cleanup, Clear profit, Coming by, Commissions, Compensation, Credit, Credits, Dismissal wage, Disposable income, Dividend, Dividends, Dragging down, Earned income, Emolument, Escalator clause, Escalator plan, Filthy lucre, Financial remuneration, Gain, Gaining, Gains, Gate, Gate receipts, Get, Getting, Getting hold of, Gettings, Gleanings, Gross, Gross income, Gross profit, Gross receipts, Guaranteed annual wage, Hire, Hoard, Income, Intake, Interest, Killing, Living wage, Lucre, Make, Making, Makings, Minimum wage, Moneygetting, Moneygrubbing, Moneymaking, Neat profit, Net, Net income, Net profit, Net receipts, Obtainment, Obtention, Output, Paper profits, Pay, Pay and allowances, Payment, Payroll, Pelf, Percentage, Perk, Perks, Perquisite, Pickings, Portal-to-portal pay, Proceeds, Procural, Procurance, Procuration, Procurement, Produce, Profit, Profits, Purchasing power, Rake-off, Real wages, Receipt, Receipts, Receivables, Remuneration, Return, Returns, Revenue, Royalties, Salary, Securement, Severance pay, Sliding scale, Stipend, Store, Take, Take-home, Take-home pay, Take-in, Takings, Taxable income, Total compensation, Trover, Unearned income, Wage, Wage control, Wage freeze, Wage reduction, Wage rollback, Wage scale, Wages, Wages after deductions, Wages after taxes, Wealth, Winning, Winnings, Yield, Income, Wages, Salary, Stipend, Pay, Take-home pay, Gross pay, Net pay

How to use Earnings in a sentence?

  1. You should try to accurately predict what earnings you could make from a certain project to see if it is worth it.
  2. I wanted to get home, so I could check my earnings for the day and see if I made more than yesterday.
  3. The earnings were increasing quarter after quarter and this brought great joy to the individuals who were investing in the project.
  4. He claimed damages for loss of earnings.

Meaning of Earnings & Earnings Definition

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How Do You Define Earnings?

  1. Meaning of Earnings: Profits are usually made from net income after taxes, sometimes called company profits or profits. Profit is the most important determinant of a company's stock price, as profit and the circumstances surrounding it can indicate whether a company will be profitable and successful in the long run. The result is probably the most important and most studied number in a company's financial statements. Analysts' predictions show a company's historical performance and its profits compared to its competitors and industry peers.

    • Profit is related to the company's profit in a quarter or year.
    • Profit is a key factor when analyzing a company's profits.
    • Corporate profits are used in many popular proportions.
    • It can be compared to analysts' earnings forecasts, the company's past performance or its competitors in the industry.
    • Earnings can have a big impact on stock prices and can therefore be manipulated.

  2. Make money based on your financial account principles, such as B. an IRA.

Meanings of Earnings

  1. Money in exchange for work or services.

Sentences of Earnings

  1. Compensation for lost profits

Synonyms of Earnings

salt , receipts , lucre , remuneration , income , salary , takings , piece of the pie , profit , payoff , emolument , balance , gain , reward , proceeds , bottom line , return , revenue , in the black , stipend


Earnings Definition:

  • Profits are generally net profit after tax, sometimes called company profits or profits. The most important determinant of how a company does business is profit, because profit and the circumstances around it can indicate whether a company will be profitable and successful in the long run. The result is probably the most important and significant number on the company's financial statements. Compare profits with initial estimates, the company and its competitors, and the industry's historical performance.

    • Profit is related to the company's profit in a particular quarter or year.
    • Profit is a key number used to estimate a company's profits.
    • Corporate profits are used in many popular proportions.
    • This can be compared to the company's estimated earnings, past performance, or years of service in the same industry.
    • Profit can have a big impact on inventory and therefore the price is subject to complete management.

  • You basically need money for your financial accounts, such as IRA.

Meanings of Earnings

  1. Money received in return for work or services.

Synonyms of Earnings

honoraria, fees, fringe benefits


What is The Meaning of Earnings?

The definition of Earnings is: The profit of the company is net profit after tax. This is the end result of your business or profit.

  • Profit is related to the company's profit in a given quarter or year.
  • Profit is the key number that determines the value of a stock.
  • Corporate profits are used in many popular proportions.
  • Profit affects inventory, so money is under full control.

Definition of Earnings: You need money at the beginning of your financial account, such as IRA.