Earnings Power Value

Earnings Power Value,

Definition of Earnings Power Value:

  • Profitable price (PEV) is a way of valuing a stock that speculates about the stability of current earnings and the value of equity, but not about future growth. The profit margin (EPV) is determined by dividing the company's adjusted profit by the average cost (WACC) by weight of capital.

    • The EPV neglected some important financial issues such as future growth and competitive assets.
    • EPV is determined by dividing the firm's adjusted earnings by the average cost over the weight of capital.
    • EPV capital can be compared to a company's current market capitalization to determine whether inventory is simply considered excessive, overvalued or undervalued.

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Meanings of Earnings:
  1. Charges for work or services.

Sentences of Earnings
  1. Compensation for lost profits

Synonyms of Earnings

take-home pay, stipend, salary, wages, gross pay, pay, net pay, income


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  1. Its estimated value. 45,000

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