Earnings Call

Earnings Call,

Definition of Earnings Call:

  • Meaning of Earnings Call: Lapel Sirless Results Direct is a telecommunication between DDE Enterprise Public, DES Analysis, DESI Investors at and Less Media whose financial results are discussed. . The call to results usually precedes the results report. Provides summary information on financial performance over time.

Literal Meanings of Earnings Call


Meanings of Earnings:
  1. Charges for work or services.

Sentences of Earnings
  1. Compensation for lost profits

Synonyms of Earnings

net pay, stipend, income, gross pay, pay, salary, take-home pay, wages


Meanings of Call:
  1. Give a specific name to (baby or animal).

  2. Scream (a word or words)

  3. Call or try to reach (someone or number).

  4. Request or apply for participation.

  5. Declare or decide that an event (including, but not limited to, a meeting, strike or election) will take place.

  6. Visit (someone) immediately.

  7. (Referee or other official affair) Pronunciation (ball, putt or other action) as indicated.

  8. Run the cause (subroutine).

  9. Scream for a phone call or call for attention.

  10. The common call of birds or other animals.

  11. Matters where you talk to someone on the phone or try to talk to someone on the phone.

  12. Short social tour.

  13. A phone call or request to have something happen.

  14. Ask for or ask for help.

Sentences of Call
  1. He called his daughter Hana

  2. He heard a frightened voice calling out his name

  3. Can I call again?

  4. Representatives of the three teams nominated before the Commissioner

  5. It seems that there is no other option but to hold parliamentary elections.

  6. He promised Celia to come to the clinic

  7. The line judge calls the ball away

  8. One subroutine can call another subroutine (or itself)

Synonyms of Call

phone, visit, summons, song, entreaty, convene, roar, telephone, place a call to, get, phone call, reach, name, plea, get on the phone to, summon, get someone on the phone, shout, assemble, order, bawl, cry out, screech, sing out, yell, whoop, request, bellow, social call