Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation And Amortization (EBIDA)

Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation And Amortization (EBIDA),

Definition of Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation And Amortization (EBIDA):

Pre-interest earnings, depreciation and amnesty (EBIDA) is a way of earning for a company that increases interest, depreciation and deductible expenses on net income. However, this includes taxes. This index is not as well known or used as a match, ie earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA).

  • Pre-interest earnings, depreciation and amnesty (EBIDA) is a method of revenue that incorporates interest and depreciation / amortization into net income.
  • EBEDDA should be more conservative than its counterpart in EBITDA, as the former is usually always younger.
  • EBEDA's action dispelled the impression that taxpayers' money could be used to pay off debts.
  • However, analysts do not usually use EBIDA, but choose EBITDA or EBIT.

Literal Meanings of Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation And Amortization (EBIDA)


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Meanings of Amortization:
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