Definition of Earn:

  1. To gain money or something of value in exchange for ones labor or time. He earned $100 in wages for his days work. See also earnings.

  2. Obtain (money) in return for labor or services.

Synonyms of Earn

Be paid, Receive a salary of, Take home, Take home earnings of, Gross, Acquire, Attain, Bag, Be deserving, Be entitled to, Be paid, Be remunerated, Be salaried, Be seized of, Be worthy of, Bring in, Capture, Catch, Clear, Collect, Come by, Come in for, Come into, Contract, Corral, Derive, Deserve, Drag down, Draw, Draw down, Draw wages, Effect, Enter into possession, Gain, Get, Get an income, Gross, Harvest, Knock down, Make, Merit, Net, Obtain, Pocket, Procure, Pull down, Rate, Realize, Reap, Receive, Sack, Score, Secure, Take, Warrant, Win, Work for wages

How to use Earn in a sentence?

  1. They earn $35 per hour.

Meaning of Earn & Earn Definition