Definition of Earmark:

  1. The act of preserving something for a particular future use or purpose. For example, goods can be donated before they are exported in the future. It is often used to refer to funds allocated to finance specific projects. The president has allocated 5 5 billion for a new military initiative.

Synonyms of Earmark

Mark out for, Keynote, Jot, Differential, Smack, Engraving, Cachet, Tab, Portion off, Dot, Discoloration, Set the tone, Tick, Define, Hack, Differentia, Insignia, Appoint, Feature, Device, Sure sign, Scratching, Scotch, Telltale sign, Distinguish, Assign, Trick, Peculiarity, Trait, Configuration, Be characteristic, Cicatrix, Tag, Token, Blotch, Describe, Set apart, Reserve, Banner, Nick, Representative, Birthmark, Ticket, Mark off, Lot, Mark, Destine, Tang, Splash, Assign to, Note, Schedule, Taste, Attribute, Mottle, Strawberry mark, Blaze, Specialty, Mold, Sound the keynote, Sign, Tittle, Stain, Graving, Particularity, Cast, Figure, Aroma, Picture, Idiosyncrasy, Flick, Allot, Indicator, Spot, Singularity, Indicant, Mark out, Impress, Impression, Quality, Scratch, Measure, Patch, Gust, Representation, Stigma, Flavor, Blemish, Freckle, Characteristic, Notch, Savor, Set the pace, Sigil, Watermark, Brand, Taint, Character, Differentiate, Signature, Point, Scar, Characterize, Set off, Score, Index, Fleck, Marking, Polka dot, Speckle, Dapple, Mannerism, Puncture, Idiocrasy, Check, Lentigo, Tattoo, Set, Seal, Signal, Ordain, Distinctive feature, Tattoo mark, Lineaments, Nevus, Label, Detail, Odor, Mole, Macula, Image, Scarification, Make assignments, Cut, Allocate, Set aside, Badge, Prick, Caste mark, Appropriate to, Demarcate, Shape, Individualism, Symptom, Restrict, Fate, Splotch, Property, Checkmark, Quirk, Gash, Speck, Hallmark, Nature, Stamp, Restrict to

How to use Earmark in a sentence?

  1. My friend paid off his debt and said he was saving money if needed.
  2. Sometimes a particular product may be overcrowded and reserved for later release.
  3. I have noticed that many animals have a mark on their left ear that indicates that they belong to someone.

Meaning of Earmark & Earmark Definition