Early majority

Early majority,

Definition of Early majority:

  1. In the diffusion of innovation theory, the majority group (comprising about 34 percent) of population which (after innovators and early adopters but before late majority and laggards) tries new ideas, processes, goods and services. Members of this group generally wait to see whether the new thing proves to be successful in practice. They watch innovators and early adopters for cues, and are often less educated than them and have lesser social mobility.

  2. Individuals in the early majority tend to be less affluent and less technologically educated than innovators but are willing to take a chance on new products, after witnessing others do so first.

  3. The terms "early majority" refers to the first sizable segment of a population to adopt an innovative offering. The early majority represents approximately 34% of the overall population and tends to embrace new products only after observing "innovators" and "early adopters" they personally know enjoy such new-to-market goods.

How to use Early majority in a sentence?

  1. The early majority tends to cautiously embrace a new product after they observe a more enthusiastic set of consumers, known as "innovators," take the plunge first.
  2. "Early majority" is a term that refers to the first major segment of a population to widely adopt an innovative new product.
  3. The early majority refers to about 34% of the overall population.

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