E Surface Prints

E Surface Prints

What is Electronic Surface Paper

Electronic Surface Paper (Standard Photo Finish) Electronic Surface Paper is our most popular photo paper. Accurate colors, realistic skin tones, realistic saturation, archival quality, and a traditional photo finish are just some of the reasons people love Esurface prints.

What does zone E mean?

The electronic surface is the standard pearl surface you see in most wedding albums and enlargements. The surface is coated with a silicate resin.

What is a gloss finish?

Glossy finish. Luster Coating protects against fingerprints, UV radiation and splashes common in residential and office environments. The rich and enhanced brilliance of this professional finishing service will protect your photos from the elements without disturbing the image.

People also ask, what is Kodak Metallic Paper?

Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic paper has been recognized and recognized for its smooth, eye-catching finish and distinctive metallic appearance. This is genuine Kodak silver halide photo paper that has been digitally displayed on our $ 150,000 Noritsu or Chromira printer in sizes up to 30x60.

What is metallic photo paper?

The metallic effect photo paper makes prints vibrant and shiny. Available in shiny and glossy surface textures of various brands.

What is standard photo paper?

Standard photo print sizes are used for photo printing. Sheets designed for photo printing are generally sold in these sizes.

Dimensions with 7 ×?

9 1⁄2, 12 × 16 (4∶3) and?

9 1/2 × 12 inches (5∶4) are used for black and white paper.

What is Linen Photo Paper?

The incredibly elegant, classic and timeless linen fabric has proven itself well. It’s classic. Flaxseed paper is perfect for event and studio photography. Linen textile paper is used by exclusive wedding invitation makers, bookmakers and typographers and is a luxurious alternative to textured paper.

What is pearl portrait paper?

Pearlized Portraits ™ is made with an advanced photo paper that has a luminous sheen and creates depth. This product elevates portraits to the rank of treasure! Our Pearlized Portraits ™ are available in color, black and white, sepia and even color!

What is a glossy metallic finish?

A glossy surface has a slightly textured matte finish that helps hide fingerprints. Most portraits and wedding photos are printed with a glossy finish. A metallic finish is very glossy and printed on metallic paper. It is intended for artistic images as opposed to traditional family portraits.

What are Textured Linen Photo Prints?

What is a fine linen texture?

The texture of the linen gives each print a fantastic deep linen finish and turns your image into art. Add a twist! The texture of the linen gives each print a fantastic deep linen finish and turns your image into art. The texture of the linen gives each print a fantastic deep linen finish and turns your image into art.

What is a textured matte finish?

Textured Matte is a surprisingly grainy texture with a gloss-free finish that doesn’t compromise print quality (solid colors and high ink coverage print well and don’t look smudged). This coating is durable and acts as a protective layer against wear.

What does this have to do with the textured gloss and color of photo paper?

Gloss and texture are closely related to the surface properties of photographic paper. Gloss refers to the light reflected off the surface of the paper.

What is metallic paper used for?

Thanks to the attractive glitter surface, the foil can be used for a variety of creations. Metallic paper is available in a wide variety of colors and brands! Including Stardream, Aspire Petallics and Gmund.

Is Metallic Photo Paper Better?

Can you print on metallic paper?

Printing on metallic paper is slightly different from printing on plain matte paper, especially when printing at home. The trick is to use a laser printer, not an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers use wet ink, which can have difficulty adhering to the metal surface of the paper.

What does Kodak Metallic Paper look like?

Kodak Endura Metallic Papers are commonly called specialty papers. This is because this environment is very different. The white tip (or base) of the paper has a silvery appearance, in contrast to the white base of the glossy paper.

What is a glossy finish?

Glossy print is a photo or artwork with a finish between glossy and matte. Some companies use the term semi-gloss. Glossy photo prints have rich color saturation, which results in vivid colors, but are not as prone to fingerprints as matte ones.

What is Kodak Endura Card?

TECHNICAL DATA / COLORED PAPER. KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA. First quality paper. KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Paper is a high-speed, multi-ply resinous paper for color printing of digital camera files, scanned negatives and film negatives in commercial and vertical applications.

Mpix is ​​better than Shutterfly?

What is the best finish for photos?

If you want to print a colorful photo without the great glow of glossy paper, a semi-gloss or semi-gloss finish is a good choice. Frosted images also look good behind smooth glass and can be viewed from more angles than glossy images.

Is it better glossy or matte for metallic prints?

E Surface Prints