Definition of E-lance:

  1. E-lance can be defined as, Freelance on the Internet to sell goods or services worldwide.

Literal Meanings of E-lance


Meanings of E:
  1. Euro or Euro

  2. Electron

  3. The transcendental number, which is the basis of the natural or natural logarithm, is approximately equal to 2. 2.71828.

  4. The fifth letter of the alphabet

  5. The shape of a capital letter E.

  6. The third note on the Daytonic scale in C major.

  7. Parents

  8. West east.

  9. Easter

  10. Ecstasy pills or ecstasy pills.


Meanings of Lance:
  1. A long-range weapon with a wooden handle and a sharp steel tip, carried by a knight.

  2. Metal tubes that provide jet oxygen to cut off a hot furnace or fire.

  3. A hard tube at the end of the hose used to pump or spray liquids.

  4. Pierce or cut with a lancet or other sharp instrument.

Sentences of Lance
  1. Soldiers carried spears with iron or steel gestures

  2. It consists of five basic processes: oxyfuel cutting, metal powder cutting, chemical flow cutting, oxygen spear cutting and oxygen arc cutting.

  3. This is where you throw a coin into the slot and then use a brush and electric spray, both of which are attached to the pressure hose in the spear.

  4. The abscess should not be punctured until there is a weak spot in the middle.

Synonyms of Lance

spear, pike, javelin, bayonet, shaft, cut, cut into, make an incision in, slit, slit open, lance