Definition of E-file:

  1. The process of using a computer program to transmit information electronically to another party. This allows the user to complete and submit the information in a timely fashion. The electronic filing system prevents the user from making small mistakes by alerting them if something does not register correctly. A large majority of federal and state revenue departments offer citizens the ability to file yearly tax returns using an electronic filing system. The Internal Revenue Service provides this service free of charge for federal tax returns.

How to use E-file in a sentence?

  1. Many individuals and companies now use tax software and chose to e-file their returns and other tax documents with the IRS because of simplicity, speed, and fast confirmation of filings.
  2. Since the improvement of technology, the majority of taxpayers in the United States opt to e-file their tax returns, since there is a shorter period of acceptance.
  3. You may find it is easier to e-file than to use paper and that it can save your company a lot of time to do that.

Meaning of E-file & E-file Definition