E-currency Meanings:

  • Electronic money. It is used on the Internet to pay and receive. Companies offering this service include PayPal and eGold.

Literal Meanings of E-currency


Meanings of E:
  1. Euro or Euro.

  2. An electron

  3. The transcendental number, which is the basis of the natural or natural logarithm, is approximately equal to 2. 2.71828.

  4. The fifth letter of the alphabet

  5. In the form of the capital letter E.

  6. The third note of the C major ditonic scale.

  7. West east.

  8. Easter

  9. Drugs or ecstasy pills.

  10. Engineer or engineer.

  11. English

  12. Electronically

  13. The power of the electric field

  14. The force of electrical motion.

  15. Energy


Meanings of Currency:
  1. The currency system is usually used in a given country.

  2. Generally accepted or used fact or standard.

Sentences of Currency
  1. The deadline was extended to the second half of the 20th century

Synonyms of Currency

dissemination, legal tender, money, banknotes, paper money, exposure, prevalence, coinage, cash, circulation, coins, notes, publicity, medium of exchange