Definition of Dwelling:

  1. A house, apartment, or other place of residence.

  2. Abode or residence. It could be a building, a part of it (such as an apartment or flat), or a structure such as hut, igloo, tent, tepee, trailer, etc.

Synonyms of Dwelling

Residence, Place of residence, Place of habitation, Home, House, Accommodation, Lodging place, Billet, Abiding, Abiding place, Abode, Address, Cantonment, Cohabitation, Commorancy, Commorant, Crash pad, Crib, Domicile, Domus, Dwelling place, Habitancy, Habitation, Home, Homestead, House, In residence, Inhabitancy, Inhabitation, Inhabiting, Living, Living in, Lodging, Lodging place, Lodgment, Nest, Nesting, Occupancy, Occupation, Pad, Place, Place to live, Quarters, Remaining, Residence, Residency, Resident, Residentiary, Residing, Roof, Seat, Sojourning, Squatting, Staying, Staying over, Stopping, Tenancy

How to use Dwelling in a sentence?

  1. The proposed dwelling is out of keeping with those nearby.

Meaning of Dwelling & Dwelling Definition