Dwelling Property

Dwelling Property,

Dwelling Property: What is the Meaning of Dwelling Property?

  • Definition of Dwelling Property: Home insurance is a type of insurance policy that is used only to cover the home. in short. This is a very modest landlord policy that does not cover only land, houses and private property in any land and house.

Literal Meanings of Dwelling Property


Meanings of Dwelling:
  1. A house, apartment or residence.

Sentences of Dwelling
  1. The proposed accommodation does not closely match

Synonyms of Dwelling

house, lodging place, accommodation, home, billet, place of habitation, residence, place of residence


Meanings of Property:
  1. Some or all of the things that belong to someone.

  2. An attribute, quality, or feature of something.

Sentences of Property
  1. Oliver and his belongings wanted out of the house

  2. Thermal properties of metal at equal speeds

Synonyms of Property

feature, mark, movables, goods, characteristic, trait, quality, personal effects, effects, worldly goods, hallmark, belongings, things, chattels, stuff, possessions, attribute, power