DVP/RVP Account

DVP/RVP Account,

DVP/RVP Account Meanings:

The definition of DVP/RVP Account is: Unless you take special steps to create a DVP / RVP account with us, you cannot choose this account type. DVP / RVP accounts primarily refer to institutional trading accounts.

Literal Meanings of DVP/RVP Account


Meanings of Account:
  1. Interpretation or interpretation of a musical piece.

  2. Records or reports of financial income and expenditure for a specific period or purpose.

  3. The department of the company that manages the financial accounts.

  4. An agreement in which an organization maintains funds on behalf of a customer or provides goods or services to a customer on credit.

  5. Users with provider accounts.

  6. Regular working contract for a client.

  7. An agreement that gives a user personal access to a computer, website or application, usually by entering a username and password.

  8. See or see yourself in a particular way.

Sentences of Account
  1. As you are right, the story told is a true representation of what happened in the boardroom that night.

  2. Based on eyewitness testimony, the report states that Pashtun villages were attacked after local militia commanders were disarmed.

  3. Most reports describe real events, usually involving accidental deaths, but not always.

  4. Dr. Friedmann then described his post-D experiences during his treatment.

  5. There, anyone with online access can post news articles and personal reports, such as protests, and read what the media is revealing in new ways.

  6. There were several highly detailed newspaper reports of an event that could only be viewed by those directly involved, none of which were published.

  7. So he begins his story with a detailed description of the appropriate behavior of a collector who communicates directly with the people.

  8. Colin gave his girlfriend and neighbors a full account of the trial and the murder.

  9. Even if somewhat distorted or distorted, they are still records of living events and, as such, a valuable resource for historians.

  10. Morality and ethics consist of statements of normal behavior. They are not meant to be an explicit representation of the actual historical behavior.

Synonyms of Account

interpret as, value, momentousness, portrayal, statement, note, compact, commitment, understanding, news, view as, interpretation, gravity, settlement, playing, delineation, significance, substance, see as, consequence, bond, look on as, journal, mark, communiqué, exposition