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Dvd Virgem

How to convert a Virgin DVD to a Virgin CD? 3

I bought a blank DVD to do the job, I prefer that I don't use it or use it properly ... now I want to know if the blank DVD is a blank cd There is no way to convert to D ... Stop I want to know how to do it.

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DVD and CD conversion? ?

Unique playback on MP3 and DVD players as well as DVD players, such as recording video in CD (VCD format).

Converting an empty CD disc to a blank CD disc. Impossible. Yes, very different technology.

This is no stranger

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And why seduce to do so? A DVD or CD costs between R $ 0.80 and R $ 1.30.

I confirm that there is no possibility, it depends on whether the tax has been paid according to them or not !!!! You can burn music. You will use it as a CD, but if it does not appear or reads a DVD, you will not get much listening, then you want to convert it to a blank CD? ? ? esp helped ....


Certainly not, although there is no such media or even, they have the format and capability, yes or vice versa.

And the other one uses a dedicated red head for each media.

Is it me You can't buy CDs or DVDs in any other format ... or you. But why don't you use this DVD to burn your stuff like it used to be a CD? From one to the other ac ac is just or one's garden.

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