Definition of Duty:

  1. A measure of engine performance in units of work per unit.

  2. Ethical, legal or moral obligation is always for a specific period of time or especially for those who have the right to demand compliance with an obligation.

  3. Alternative term for customs. See also maintenance duties and performance duties.

  4. Payment for import, export, manufacture or sale of goods.

  5. There is a moral or legal obligation.

  6. A task or action that someone needs to perform.

  7. Responsibility for the conduct, function or performance arising out of the fact that an agreement, expression or implied, or occupying a position or function.

Synonyms of Duty

Demand, Function, Tax return, VAT, Tithe, Ceremony, Job, Worship, Heavy demand, Nonnegotiable demand, Poll, Capital gains tax, Blackmail, Sext, Gabelle, Exercise, Ordinance, Revival meeting, Progressive tax, Deification, Public worship, Fish to fry, Deference, Rush order, Gift tax, Sales tax, Levy, Ritual observance, Exercises, Taxing, Toll, Impost, Requirement, Onus, Ultimate purpose, Ceremonial, Ultimatum, Function, Veneration, Mission, Indent, Reverential regard, Rituality, Vigils, Federal tax, Order of worship, Chore, Warning, Odd job, Tierce, Charge, Church service, Immediate purpose, Millstone, Evening devotions, Obligation, Watch night, Toll, Idolatry, Tariff duty, Assignment, Liturgy, Mode of worship, Morning devotions, Extortionate demand, Watch-night service, Stint, Separate returns, Prayers, Deadweight, Income tax, Mass, Place, Regard, Committal, Piece of work, Cess, Tribute, Prayer, Meeting, Tax dodging, Reverence, Tariff, Watch meeting, Target, Appreciation, Devotions, Personal property tax, Capacity, Answerability, Assessment on default, Estate tax, Evensong, Chare, Faithfulness, Customs, Commission, Taxable income, Requirement, Devoir, Specific duty, Busywork, Job of work, Load, High regard, Amenability, Tax exemption, Errand, Export tax, Make-work, Things to do, Compline, Exaggerated respect, Calling, Surtax, Active service, Burden, Great respect, Business, Role, Draft, Death tax, Fidelity, Revenue tariff, Poll tax, Favor, Salt tax, Tax, Chore, Ad valorem duty, Notice, Approval, Liability, Purpose, Sacramental, Need, Estate duty, Drain, Respect, Obligation, Charge, Observance, Prime song, Objective, Use tax, Vesper, Single tax, Practice, Admiration, Apotheosis, Goal, Excise, State tax, Consideration, Requisition, Levy, Camp meeting, Night song, Prayer meeting, Call for, Tax, Severance tax, Occupation, Form, Task, Selective service, Matters in hand, Value added tax, Solemnity, Loyalty, Tariff, Supertax, Tax base, Obedience, Responsibility, Excess profits tax, Mystery, Mark, Allegiance, Homage, Bit, Contribution, Reverence, School tax, Bedtime prayer, Sacrament, Tax evasion, Homework, Alcohol tax, Responsibility, Tax-exempt status, Praise meeting, Demand for, Land tax, Luxury tax, Formality, Death duty, Place, Responsibility, Rite, Tithe, Inheritance tax, Graduated taxation, Position, Work, Operation, Prestige, Provincial tax, Rush, Lauds, Conscience money, Ritual, Order, Import tax, Claim, Commission, Property-increment tax, Corporation tax, End use, Honor, Labor, Amusement tax, Weight, Faithfulness, Divine service, Direct tax, Commitment, Nones, Part, Call, Homage, Undersong, Task, Loyalty, Object, Telephone tax, Prime, Formulary, Excise tax, Service, Use, Liquor tax, Head tax, Taxation, Nuisance tax, Adoration, Hero worship, Role, Protective tariff, Must, Breathless adoration, Idolization, Extortion, Capitation tax, Job, Awe, Withholding tax, Office, Fidelity, Assignment, Exaction, None, Operational purpose, Novena, Approbation, Capitation, Window tax, Indirect tax, Right, Estimation, Assessment, Doomage, Commitment, Prescribed form, Revival, Mission, Ought, Local tax, Property tax, Matins, Character, Obligation, Institution, Rates, Allegiance, Respect, Insistent demand, Tax structure, National service, Concern, Formula, Imposition, Tent meeting, Internal revenue tax, Joint return, Courtesy, Province, Duty, Deference, Customs duty, Freight, Cargo, Fealty, Part, Accountability, Church, Tax withholding, Holy rite, Vespers, Project, Esteem, Form of worship

How to use Duty in a sentence?

  1. It is important for the manager to choose employees who are good at doing the necessary work.
  2. Citizens need to report crimes to local authorities, be it the police or the sheriff's office.
  3. I have a duty to respect the law.
  4. The Queen's official duties
  5. We have a sense of responsibility in our daily motivation for our work. We have a deep attachment to our country.
  6. 6% tax on imports.

Meaning of Duty & Duty Definition

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Definition of Duty:

  1. Import duty on imported goods (sometimes called tariffs).

Meanings of Duty

  1. There are moral or legal obligations.

  2. A task or action that a person must perform.

  3. Payment is collected on import, export, manufacture or sale of goods.

Sentences of Duty

  1. The Queen's official duty

  2. 6% import tax 6

Synonyms of Duty

dues , province , commitment , role , undertaking , task , mission , work , function , engagement , taking care of business , commission , service , minding the store , load , onus , weight , contract , need , burden , part , trouble , chore , millstone , business , trust , pains


How To Define Duty?

  1. Import duty on imported products (sometimes called tariffs).

Meanings of Duty

  1. Moral responsibility or legal responsibility

  2. A task or action that must be performed as part of a task.

  3. Payment is made when goods are imported, exported, produced or sold.

  4. Measure engine performance per unit of fuel per unit.

Synonyms of Duty



How Do You Define Duty?

Import duty (sometimes called tariff) is imposed on imported products.