Definition of Duty:

  1. The measure of an engines effectiveness in units of work done per unit of fuel.

  2. Ethical, legal, or moral accountability, owed always or for a certain period, specially to someone who has a corresponding right to demand satisfaction of an obligation.

  3. Alternative term for customs duty. See also duty of care and duty to act.

  4. A payment levied on the import, export, manufacture, or sale of goods.

  5. A moral or legal obligation; a responsibility.

  6. A task or action that someone is required to perform.

  7. Responsibility of conduct, function, or performance that arises from an express or implied contract, or from the fact of holding an office or position.

Synonyms of Duty

Mass, VAT, Accountability, Active service, Ad valorem duty, Admiration, Adoration, Alcohol tax, Allegiance, Amenability, Amusement tax, Answerability, Apotheosis, Appreciation, Approbation, Approval, Assessment, Assessment on default, Assignment, Awe, Bedtime prayer, Bit, Blackmail, Breathless adoration, Burden, Business, Busywork, Call, Call for, Calling, Camp meeting, Capacity, Capital gains tax, Capitation, Capitation tax, Cargo, Ceremonial, Ceremony, Cess, Character, Chare, Charge, Chore, Church, Church service, Claim, Commission, Commitment, Committal, Compline, Conscience money, Consideration, Contribution, Corporation tax, Courtesy, Customs, Customs duty, Deadweight, Death duty, Death tax, Deference, Deification, Demand, Demand for, Devoir, Devotions, Direct tax, Divine service, Doomage, Draft, Drain, End use, Errand, Estate duty, Estate tax, Esteem, Estimation, Evening devotions, Evensong, Exaction, Exaggerated respect, Excess profits tax, Excise, Excise tax, Exercise, Exercises, Export tax, Extortion, Extortionate demand, Faithfulness, Favor, Fealty, Federal tax, Fidelity, Fish to fry, Form, Form of worship, Formality, Formula, Formulary, Freight, Function, Gabelle, Gift tax, Goal, Graduated taxation, Great respect, Head tax, Heavy demand, Hero worship, High regard, Holy rite, Homage, Homework, Honor, Idolatry, Idolization, Immediate purpose, Import tax, Imposition, Impost, Income tax, Indent, Indirect tax, Inheritance tax, Insistent demand, Institution, Internal revenue tax, Job, Job of work, Joint return, Labor, Land tax, Lauds, Levy, Liability, Liquor tax, Liturgy, Load, Local tax, Loyalty, Luxury tax, Make-work, Mark, Matins, Matters in hand, Meeting, Millstone, Mission, Mode of worship, Morning devotions, Must, Mystery, National service, Need, Night song, None, Nones, Nonnegotiable demand, Notice, Novena, Nuisance tax, Object, Objective, Obligation, Observance, Occupation, Odd job, Office, Onus, Operation, Operational purpose, Order, Order of worship, Ordinance, Ought, Part, Personal property tax, Piece of work, Place, Poll, Poll tax, Position, Practice, Praise meeting, Prayer, Prayer meeting, Prayers, Prescribed form, Prestige, Prime, Prime song, Progressive tax, Project, Property tax, Property-increment tax, Protective tariff, Province, Provincial tax, Public worship, Purpose, Rates, Regard, Requirement, Requisition, Respect, Responsibility, Revenue tariff, Reverence, Reverential regard, Revival, Revival meeting, Right, Rite, Ritual, Ritual observance, Rituality, Role, Rush, Rush order, Sacrament, Sacramental, Sales tax, Salt tax, School tax, Selective service, Separate returns, Service, Severance tax, Sext, Single tax, Solemnity, Specific duty, State tax, Stint, Supertax, Surtax, Target, Tariff, Tariff duty, Task, Tax, Tax base, Tax dodging, Tax evasion, Tax exemption, Tax return, Tax structure, Tax withholding, Tax-exempt status, Taxable income, Taxation, Taxing, Telephone tax, Tent meeting, Things to do, Tierce, Tithe, Toll, Tribute, Ultimate purpose, Ultimatum, Undersong, Use, Use tax, Value added tax, Veneration, Vesper, Vespers, Vigils, Warning, Watch meeting, Watch night, Watch-night service, Weight, Window tax, Withholding tax, Work, Worship, Duty, Tax, Levy, Tariff, Toll, Tithe, Responsibility, Obligation, Commitment, Obedience, Allegiance, Loyalty, Faithfulness, Fidelity, Respect, Deference, Reverence, Homage, Job, Task, Chore, Assignment, Commission, Mission, Function, Charge, Part, Place, Role, Concern, Requirement, Responsibility, Obligation

How to use Duty in a sentence?

  1. It is important for a manager to pick out a worker that can handle the important duty he needs done the right way.
  2. It is a citizens duty to report a crime to their local law enforcement agency whether it be the police department or sheriffs office.
  3. Its my duty to uphold the law.
  4. The queens official duties.
  5. We had a sense of duty in our everyday motivation for our jobs. There was deep level of commitment to our country.
  6. A 6 percent duty on imports.

Meaning of Duty & Duty Definition