Duty Point

Duty Point,

Duty Point Meanings:

  1. Duty Point refers to Purpose, except workplaces where government officials go to do government business with the government. If the target is outside the team's headquarters, the place of work is: (1) the registered parish where the target is located, or (2) the area within five miles of the target, if in an area where the unrelated person is located Is.

Literal Meanings of Duty Point


Meanings of Duty:
  1. There is a moral or legal obligation.

  2. A task or action that a person needs to perform.

  3. Payments made on import, export, manufacture or sale of goods.

  4. A measure of engine performance in units of work per unit

Sentences of Duty
  1. I have a duty to respect the law

  2. The official duty of queens

  3. 6% duty on imports

Synonyms of Duty

tax, commitment, fidelity, responsibility, obligation, respect, place, tithe, deference, levy, charge, role, mission, homage, loyalty, part, chore, concern, task, requirement, function


Meanings of Point:
  1. The tip of a tool, weapon or sharp object.

  2. A dot or other interval sign, especially a dot.

  3. A specific place, location or location in an area or on a map, object or surface.

  4. An item or description in a discussion, list, or extended text.

  5. A unit of degree or value (in sports and games).

  6. Each of the thirty-two directions is marked with the same distance around the compass.

  7. A narrow strip of land that is projected into a lake or ocean.

  8. The unit of measurement of character volume and distance is one-tenth or 0.351 mm (0.013835 in.) In the United States and the United Kingdom, and 0.376 mm (0.015 inches) in Europe.

  9. One of the two areas in each attack area, directly inside the blue line that meets the board.

  10. Position in front of the field, usually occupied by the guard who prepares the team's defense.

  11. A line of electrical contacts in a motor vehicle distributor.

  12. A small group led the soldiers' yard.

  13. The upper part of an animal, usually a horse or cat, resembles the face, legs and tail of a semi-cat.

  14. A place that is a straight line.

  15. A marked ribbon or string used to tie a piece of clothing or underwear into a double piece of clothing.

Sentences of Point
  1. Dagger point

  2. The number of footnotes in the text should be after the period at the end of the sentence.

  3. Turn left at the point where you see a sign for Apple Grove

  4. You overlooked a number of important points

  5. He scored 13 of his last 19 points against Houston

  6. Parts of the house are arranged around it like bundles on a wind rose.

  7. The plane headed for the end

  8. Because monitors are displayed in different resolutions, a 12-point type on one screen can be about 14-point type on another.

  9. In general, players are defenders in both places.

  10. The game's trademark owner, Karen Mela, is at 28 points.

Synonyms of Point

peninsula, sharp end, locale, promontory, locality, tapered end, factor, area, location, head, item, idea, element, headland, aspect, edge, fact, border, limit, thing, detail, particular, margin