Dust bowl

Dust bowl,

Definition of Dust bowl:

  1. Area that has experienced a prolonged period of drought and thus is plagued with multiple dust storms.

Synonyms of Dust bowl

Arabia Deserta, Death Valley, Sahara, Agricultural region, Arable land, Barren, Barren land, Barrens, Black belt, Brush, Bush, Citrus belt, Corn belt, Cotton belt, Countryside, Desert, Desolation, Farm belt, Farm country, Farmland, Fruit belt, Grass roots, Grassland, Grazing region, Heath, Highlands, Howling wilderness, Karroo, Lowlands, Lunar landscape, Lunar waste, Meadows and pastures, Moors, Outback, Plains, Prairies, Province, Provinces, Rural district, Rustic region, Salt flat, Steppes, The country, The soil, The sticks, Tobacco belt, Uplands, Veld, Waste, Wasteland, Weary waste, Wheat belt, Wide-open spaces, Wild, Wilderness, Wilds, Woodland, Woods and fields, Yokeldom

Meaning of Dust bowl & Dust bowl Definition