Durmir Ou Dormir

Durmir Ou Dormir

I say what is right

Good score, sleep. I write again without sleep.

In speech, every part of the face of a group of speakers is considered linguistically correct. Hà which is called gold, Hà which is called gold.

Gold sign in the lease is a necessary decoration trend. For the first time, or for you, these are two heads (in which they are called yarn porta rounding. Also M can be called round). When an L is placed next to a consonant (P, B and M), a head leased O gets angry at you. See for example: Dol Boniki Tomato Tomato Political.

Or Sido © © According to the harmony, when the date of a head is given because the next or previous date is determined. The first letter to sleep is out of date, or better harmonized for orphonics, or, or, it's too old for you.

So either there are words that have a context for feeding (or their consortium, such as TomatoTomite) and those words or contexts for similarity (or similar history, like the small intestine) ) are present. Sleep, kids must have context! That is, a word that has a high probability of falling asleep.

Explained. And always be in the language. Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance. It depends on the context in which the article is presented.

Note: People have already confirmed that © just one would mean that some people don't talk but in fact it is very strong in Portugal itself. In Portugal, the tendency to separate dialects like yours is very strong, very high but no one is serious, because they make risks like Euroscopo unfounded.

to sleep

Or right: Blue.

Or orb for sleep

There's no sleeping here, it's one of the few people don't talk.

Durmir Ou Dormir