Duration Averaging

Duration Averaging

Average value of the programs by weighting according to the duration of each program.

Literal Meanings of Duration Averaging


Meanings of Duration:
  1. A specific duration or time interval.

  2. (singular, from does not follow) The time it takes to end the current situation, especially the current war.

  3. A measure of the sensitivity of the price of a financial asset to changes in interest rates, calculated for a simple bond as a weighted average of the terms of the respective interest payments and the principal amount of the debt.

Sentences of Duration
  1. The rationing is in any case temporary.


Meanings of Averaging:
  1. To calculate the mean value, especially the arithmetic mean.

  2. Obtain or generate an average over a of time or over members of a population.

  3. Divide the number according to a certain ratio.

  4. To be, in general or medium.

  5. The process of calculating the mean.

Sentences of Averaging
  1. If you have an average of 10, 20, and 24, you get 18.

  2. This year I achieved an average of 75% for my exams.

  3. Medium loss.

Duration Averaging