Definition of Durability:

  1. Ability to permanently reshape an object without breaking or breaking it.

  2. Long lasting ability without significant deterioration in quality, heavy use, resistance to the effects of drying, wetting, heating, freezing, melting, corrosion, oxidation, vapor, etc.

  3. Ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage.

  4. Guarantee or the possibility that equipment, machines or materials will have a relatively long and uninterrupted service life, without the need for improper maintenance.

Synonyms of Durability

Continuance, Unbreakableness, Hardness, Steadiness, Frozenness, Invariableness, Sempiternity, Imperishability, Ceaselessness, Perenniality, Eternalness, Cohesiveness, Quiescence, Permanence, Substantiality, Stability, Long standing, Unbreakability, Stoutness, Coeternity, Hardening, Stasis, Persistence, Permanence, Endlessness, Rigidity, Interminability, Ropiness, Immovableness, Body, Concreteness, Persistency, Everlastingness, Longevity, Solidity, Substance, Unchangeability, Tangibility, Indestructibility, Continualness, Soundness, Permanency, Durableness, Leatherlikeness, Immovability, Duration, Fixedness, Torpor, Infrangibility, Strength, Steadfastness, Firmness, Toughness, Lastingness, Lastingness, Foreverness, Palpability, Immobility, Viscidity, Perpetuity, Inveteracy, Resistance, Robustness, Infinite duration, Tenacity, Changelessness, Unceasingness, Hardiness, Immutability, Density, Mass, Everness, Timelessness, Stubbornness, Materiality, Constancy, Ever-duringness, Sturdiness, Soundness, Vitality, Perpetualness, Strength, Infinity, Ponderability, Eternity, Ability to last, Abidingness, Toughness, Invariability, Stiffness, Perdurability, Perennialness, Resilience, Stamina, Standing, Sturdiness, Never-endingness, Endurance, Incessancy, Unchangingness, Substantialness, Stringiness

How to use Durability in a sentence?

  1. Plastic reliability and durability.
  2. Resource stability has been questioned because we need a product that stands the test of time.
  3. The useful life of a product is measured by how well it has passed before, by resisting its use or by maintaining quality over time.
  4. When you have people who are very resistant, you can ask a lot of different questions and they will be able to deal with them.

Meaning of Durability & Durability Definition

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