DuPont Analysis

DuPont Analysis,

How To Define DuPont Analysis?

  1. The definition of DuPont Analysis is: DuPont Analysis (also called DuPont Identification or DuPont Model) is the basic framework for analyzing popular performance through DuPont Corporation. Dupont analysis is a useful technique for breaking down various ROE factors (return on equity). The ROE breakdown allows investors to focus individually on key financial performance indicators to identify strengths and weaknesses.

    • DuPont Analysis is a performance analysis infrastructure that was originally popularized by DuPont Corporation.
    • Dupont's analysis is a useful technique that can break down various ROE (return on equity) factors.
    • An investor can use an analyst to compare the operational performance of two similar companies. Managers can use DuPont's analysis to identify strengths or weaknesses that need attention.

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