Duplication of benefits

Duplication of benefits,

Definition of Duplication of benefits:

  1. When similar or indistinguishable coverage exists between two or more insurers.

Meaning of Duplication of benefits & Duplication of benefits Definition

Duplication Of Benefits,

What Does Duplication Of Benefits Mean?

  • Overlapping or uniform coverage of the same insurance in two or more health plans, usually as a result of contracts between different insurance companies, service providers or prepaid plans, also called double insurance.

Literal Meanings of Duplication Of Benefits


Meanings of Duplication:
  1. The act or process of copying something.

Sentences of Duplication
  1. Trying to avoid unnecessary duplication

Synonyms of Duplication

copying, duplicating, replicating, replication


Meanings of Of:
  1. Indicates an association between two organizations, usually an association.

  2. This shows the relationship between the address and the landmark.

  3. Express the relationship between a general type or type and the specific items that fall into this category.

Synonyms of Of

by, made by, done by, carried out by, caused by, from, in, of


Meanings of Benefits:
  1. Government payments or insurance plans for eligible individuals.

  2. Events, such as concerts or sports, designed to raise funds for specific athletes or charities.

  3. Make a profit.

Sentences of Benefits
  1. Enjoy the benefits of being a member

  2. The social season is highlighted with dance for beginners and charity shows

Synonyms of Benefits

good, sake, interest, welfare, well-being, satisfaction, enjoyment, advantage, comfort, ease, convenience, social security payments, social security, state benefit, unemployment benefit, government benefit, benefit payments, public assistance allowance, insurance money, sick pay, pension, profit, gain, reap benefits, reap financial reward, make money