Definition of Duplicate:

  1. Short for duplicate bridge.

  2. Exactly like something else, especially through having been copied.

  3. A pawnbrokers ticket.

  4. One of two or more identical things.

  5. Having two corresponding or identical parts.

  6. Exact and valid replacement of an original.

  7. Make or be an exact copy of.

Synonyms of Duplicate

Exact likeness, Mirror image, Double, Duplicate, Carbon copy, Replica, Image, Living image, Lookalike, Clone, Doppelganger, Janus-like, Photostat, Xerox, Xerox copy, Actual thing, Alike, All one, All the same, Ambidextrous, Analogous, Bifacial, Bifold, Biform, Bilateral, Binary, Binate, Biparous, Bivalent, Carbon, Carbon copy, Clone, Come again, Companion, Comparable, Conduplicate, Conduplication, Consubstantial, Copy, Copying, Correspondent, Corresponding, Counterpart, Dead ringer, Disomatous, Ditto, Do a repeat, Do again, Do over, Double, Double-faced, Doubling, Dual, Dupe, Duple, Duplex, Duplication, Echo, Effigy, Equal, Equivalent, Exact counterpart, Exact likeness, Exactly alike, Facsimile, Fellow, Geminate, Geminated, Gemination, Hectograph, Homograph, Homonym, Homoousian, Homophone, Icon, Idem, Identic, Identical, Identical same, Idol, Image, Imitate, Imitation, Indistinguishable, Ingeminate, Ingemination, Iteration, Just alike, Like, Likeness, Living image, Living picture, Make over, Manifold, Match, Matching, Mate, Microcopy, Microfilm, Mimeo, Mimeograph, Miniature, Mirroring, Model, Multigraph, Multiply by two, No other, None other, Of a kind, Of a piece, Of a size, One, Parallel, Paralleling, Parrot, Photocopy, Photograph, Picture, Plagiarize, Portrait, Quadruplicate, Quote, Re-create, Re-form, Rebuild, Reconstitute, Reconstruct, Redesign, Redo, Redouble, Reduplicate, Reduplication, Reecho, Reestablish, Refashion, Reflection, Refound, Regenerate, Regurgitate, Reincarnate, Reinstitute, Reissue, Reiteration, Remake, Renew, Renovate, Reorganize, Repeat, Repetition, Replica, Replicate, Replication, Representation, Reprint, Reproduce, Reproduction, Resemblance, Reshape, Restore, Restructure, Resurrect, Revise, Revive, Rubbing, Same, Say again, Second, Secondary, Selfsame, Semblance, Shadow, Similitude, Simulacrum, Spit and image, Spitting image, Stat, Synonym, Tantamount, The same, The same difference, Trace, Tracing, Transcribe, Triplicate, Twin, Twinned, Twinning, Two-faced, Two-level, Two-ply, Two-sided, Two-story, Twofold, Undifferent, Very image, Very picture, Very same, Without difference, Without distinction, Copy, Photocopy, Photostat, Xerox, Mimeograph, Make a photocopy of, Take a photocopy of, Make a carbon copy of, Make a carbon of, Make a facsimile of, Reproduce, Replicate, Reprint, Run off, Matching, Identical, Twin, Corresponding, Equivalent

How to use Duplicate in a sentence?

  1. Books may be disposed of if they are duplicates.
  2. A duplicate application form.
  3. They have not been able to duplicate his successes.
  4. A duplicate license is issued to replace a valid license which has been lost.

Meaning of Duplicate & Duplicate Definition