Duplicate Claim

Duplicate Claim,

Definition of Duplicate Claim:

  • When the same person claims more than one insurance policy from the insurance company after the same incident.

Literal Meanings of Duplicate Claim


Meanings of Duplicate:
  1. Like everything, especially after copying

  2. It has two equal parts.

  3. One or more of the same things.

  4. This means duplicate bridge

  5. Notice from the seal shop.

  6. Make an exact copy of

Sentences of Duplicate
  1. Duplicate licenses are issued to replace the lost valid licenses

  2. Duplicate application form

  3. Books can be deleted if they are copied

  4. They cannot repeat their success

Synonyms of Duplicate

matching, mimeograph, photocopy, exact likeness, clone, copy, identical, photostat, replica, equivalent, take a photocopy of, duplicate, living image, make a facsimile of, corresponding, xerox, double, reprint, reproduce, make a photocopy of, mirror image


Meanings of Claim:
  1. State or admit that something has happened, there is usually no evidence or proof.

  2. Statements about the truth of something are usually controversial or objectionable.

  3. Requests or demands for something appropriate.

Sentences of Claim
  1. He admitted that he came from a rich and educated family

  2. Threatened by allegations that he had links to the CIA

  3. The court rejected his asylum application

Synonyms of Claim

aver, protestation, protest, insist, profess, assertion, request, representation, declare, declaration, profession, hold, application, assert, avow, maintain, swear, affirm, avowal, attest, averment, affirmation, state