Definition of Dunnage:

  1. Packing material such as boards, blocks, planks, metal or plastic bracing, used in supporting and securing packages for shipping and handling.

  2. A persons belongings, especially those brought on board ship.

  3. Loose wood, matting, or similar material used to keep a cargo in position in a ships hold.

Synonyms of Dunnage

Belongings, Possessions, Stuff, Property, Worldly goods, Goods, Personal effects, Effects, Paraphernalia, Impedimenta, Bits and pieces, Bits and bobs

How to use Dunnage in a sentence?

  1. We had to make sure to put enough dunnage in the box, so the item would be safe for the trip across the ocean.
  2. When figuring out how to ship a product you need to get the correct dunnage so that arrives in one piece.
  3. The dunnage was of high quality as our goods were fragile and we had to be cautious in securing our investment.

Meaning of Dunnage & Dunnage Definition