Dundie Award Ideas

Dundie Award Ideas

Need ideas for restaurant employee awards? 3

I'm having a Christmas party for the restaurant staff and I have to give gifts for fun, I'm looking for ideas! Thank you very much

D is funny, but also a little aggressive. If you want a more secure version, try the following:

A lost one most of the time

One of them ate mainly company food

The plate is more likely to fall.

More likely to sleep during labor

More greed for suggestions

Probably locked in the freezer

But please!

Dundie Award Ideas

Dundie Award Ideas

Mrs. Employee Award

Reward employees.

It's given on the desktop ... it might impress you.

Phyllis's busiest price (incorrectly labeled as busiest price)

Ryan's test at the official price

Angela's gift for a toned ■■■

Kelly and Curry Award (in Bowler Hat Farm, Not Businessman)

Kevin doesn't track my awards.

Stanley Award for Great Work

The price of palm shoes.

Dundie Award Ideas