Definition of Dun:

  1. A dull grayish-brown color.

  2. Of a dull grayish-brown color.

  3. A sub-adult mayfly, which has drab coloration and opaque wings.

  4. To strongly demand payment of a loan or debt. See also letter of collection.

  5. A horse with a sandy or sandy-gray coat, black mane, tail, and lower legs, and a dark dorsal stripe.

Origin of word Dun

Early 18th century from Irish dún, Scottish Gaelic dùn ‘hill or hill fort’.

Synonyms of Dun

Greyish brown, Brownish, Dun-coloured, Mud-coloured, Mouse-coloured, Mousy, Muddy, Khaki, Umber, Account, Annoy, Apply pressure, Bay, Bayard, Bedevil, Beige, Beleaguer, Beset, Besiege, Bill, Bill collector, Bill of account, Bill of lading, Blandish, Brown, Brownish, Brownish-yellow, Brunet, Buckskin, Bug, Buttonhole, Cajole, Calico pony, Caliginous, Call, Call in, Check, Chestnut, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coax, Cocoa, Cocoa-brown, Coffee, Coffee-brown, Collection agent, Credit man, Creditor, Creditress, Dapple-gray, Debtee, Demand payment, Dim, Drab, Dun-brown, Dun-drab, Dunner, Dusk, Dusky, Ecru, Exert pressure, Fawn, Fawn-colored, Fuscous, Gloomy, Gnaw, Gray, Grege, Grizzle, Harass, Hazel, Importune, Invoice, Itemized bill, Khaki, Lurid, Manifest, Mortgage-holder, Mortgagee, Murky, Nag, Nag at, Needle, Note-holder, Nut-brown, Obscure, Olive-brown, Olive-drab, Paint, Painted pony, Pester, Piebald, Pinto, Plague, Ply, Press, Pressure, Push, Reckoning, Roan, Score, Seal, Seal-brown, Send a statement, Sepia, Skewbald, Snuff-colored, Somber, Sorrel, Statement, Tab, Tan, Taupe, Tawny, Tease, Toast, Toast-brown, Umber, Umber-colored, Urge, Walnut, Walnut-brown, Wheedle, Work on, Yellowish-brown

How to use Dun in a sentence?

  1. In July the three creeks - DePuys, Nelsons, and Armstrongs - produce clouds of mayflies called pale morning duns, which draw monster rainbows to the surface.
  2. A dun cow.
  3. She was his mount, a unicorn mare with a duns coat.
  4. A mutt the colour of dun stood near by, barking every now and again.

Meaning of Dun & Dun Definition