Duly Noted Meaning

Duly Noted Meaning

What does it mean to qualify right?!?

This means that the information received will receive due attention and consideration ... no, yes or no.

This is a very vague answer, especially in text messages.

Being recorded correctly means I heard you and didn't understand anything. This is not a promise or a rejection. It doesn't make sense unless you get to know him better, or see his face, or hear his voice.

I am sorry. I can't be more helpful.

It only means received or heard correctly

An honorable way to say it

This is not a negative answer, it simply means that he has paid

Pay close attention to what you say, and so on

I agree with you on your suggestion.

That means you and you who run CSR! MDR Just people :)

In fact, I am using Office Jargon to say that I have a record of your statements.

He didn't deny it or get angry, meaning it's not a negative answer! Hello

When he says he intends to offer you, you will get the attention and attention you deserve.

It's in the back of your head.

(But don't hold your breath).

Duly Noted Meaning