Dukot Rice In English

Dukot Rice In English

What is dukot in English? Is that what Wesan said? 3

It could be one of them: burnt, burnt, burnt, baked. This usually means that the bottom of the rice is cooked together or in a pan.

English to Visian

Dukot is the part of rice that is overcooked, the part of rice that is burnt or scorched. Ducott has no English word because Americans don't have grilled rice.

Ducot? I'm not sure if it's a Visayan word, but I'm pretty sure it's a Tagalog word (probably taken from the word Visayan).

There are several definitions of the word dukot. It can be placed in many contexts. which one:

1.) Dukotin = take it (keep things in a very small space): Dukotin mo yung pitaka ko sa aking bulsa = keep your wallet in your pocket.

2.) Dukot = take a nap: Dinukot siya sa Manila kahapon = take a nap in Manila

3.) dukot =: sit down ang akang tegyavat mamaya = i will file later

So Dukot can mean dreaming in sentence structure. For example, I have help!

Dukot Rice In English

Dukot Rice In English


I don't know what that personally means ... I'm not Cebuano.

Trust only one person on the bulletin board ... link provided (in the middle of the page)

The word dukot is a visa term for cooked rice ...

If this is my darling

Dukot Rice In English

Dukot Rice In English

I thought it was roasted rice or overcooked rice.

Are you talking about dukot ??? That is why it is called Grilled Rice.

Dukot Rice In English