Due date

Due date,

Definition of Due date:

  1. Date on which a bill of exchange (check, draft, letter of credit, etc.) is payable. No grace period may be allowed on a sight draft (due on presentation) but is allowed for a term draft (due on or before a certain date). Also called law date, law day.

  2. The date on which something falls due, especially the payment of a bill or the expected birth of a baby.

How to use Due date in a sentence?

  1. The grace period begins on the statement closing date and ends on the payment due date.
  2. If you want to keep a good reputation in the business world then you should always be sure to be on time with the due date .
  3. The due date was fast approaching and we knew we had to work a lot harder to get ready and be prepared.
  4. When you owe someone money it is very important that you always pay them back before the due date has passed.

Meaning of Due date & Due date Definition

Due Date,

Due Date Meanings:

Each authority and its reports and certain types of payments have an expiration date. On this day, if the registration is timely, it may be subject to the commencement of fines, penalties and interest charges.

Literal Meanings of Due Date


Meanings of Due:
  1. (Based on compass direction) Absolutely straight.

  2. A person is entitled to what he is entitled to.

  3. Taxpayer Payments

  4. Expected or expected at some point.

  5. In the right quality or in the right size.

Sentences of Due
  1. We headed south again on the same road

  2. More than that, it attracts criticism

  3. I have paid union dues for years

  4. The baby is expected in August

  5. Driving without care or attention

Synonyms of Due

ample, sufficient, directly, membership fee, right and proper, awaited, requisite, suitable, subscription, satisfactory, straight, proper, scheduled for, squarely, rightful treatment, adequate, fair treatment, apt, anticipated, enough, toll, deserved fate, undeviatingly, fee, correct, fitting, charge, without deviating, appropriate


Meanings of Date:
  1. Set or check the date (an item or event)

  2. Mark or show as obsolete.

  3. Dating (someone you are romantic or sexually attracted to)

  4. Months or days of the year, indicated by numbers.

  5. Dating or social or romantic affiliation.

  6. Sweet, dark brown, oval, hard fruit that is usually eaten dry.

  7. A large palm is native to West Asia and North Africa.

Sentences of Date
  1. The paintings are from 1460-1470

  2. Disco - That's the word that comes to mind

  3. I dated a former friend a few years ago

  4. What day is it today

  5. A student is meeting someone he met in class

  6. However, he cautioned diabetics to beware of high-calorie fruits such as mangoes, pomegranates and jackfruits, as well as high-calorie fruits such as dates and grapes.

  7. The Phoenix Sylvester Palm or Toddy Palm palm is very similar to the canary palm and edible palm.

Synonyms of Date

engagement, go with, take out, rendezvous, appointment, occasion, ascertain the date of, determine the date of, time, year, woo, be involved with, put a date to, go out with, anniversary, go around with, meeting, put a date on, day, establish the date of

Due Date,

What Does Due Date Mean?

Due Date means, Each government agency and its reports, and in particular payment forms, have a mandatory expiration date. If the registration is done on time on this day, fines, penalties and interest may apply.

Literal Meanings of Due Date


Meanings of Due:
  1. Expected or expected someday.

  2. Good quality or size

  3. Those who are entitled to what is their right.

  4. Absolutely straightforward (based on basic instructions).

Sentences of Due
  1. He thought it was his fault

  2. Went south again on the same road.

Synonyms of Due

required, exactly, precisely, levy, expected, recompense, comeuppance, just punishment, rights, condign, plumb, just deserts, contribution, deserts, payment, ■■■■, entitlement


Meanings of Date:
  1. The day of the month or year is indicated by numbers.

  2. Dating or social or romantic engagement.

  3. Set or confirm the date (an item or event).

  4. Reveal that (someone) is old.

  5. Date (with whom you are romantically or sexually attracted)

  6. The fruit is dark brown, oval, sweet, with a hard core that is usually eaten dry.

  7. Large palm tree with ancestral history from West Asia and North Africa.

Sentences of Date
  1. I have a hot date.

  2. Jazz, does that word come to mind?

  3. I met a former friend a few years ago.

Synonyms of Date

commitment, be romantically linked with, tryst, assignation, track square with, fixture, see, go steady with, day of the month, carbon-date, court, step out with, put a date on/to, assign a date to