Due care

Due care,

Definition of Due care:

  1. Degree of care that an ordinary and reasonable person would normally exercise, over his or her own property or under circumstances like those at issue. The concept of due care is used as a test of liability for negligence. Also called ordinary care or reasonable care. See also duty of care.

How to use Due care in a sentence?

  1. The judge ruled that the defendant did not use due care in operating his vehicle when he failed to obey the stop sign and hit the plaintiffs truck.
  2. You need to make sure that you are taking due care with any shipment that you will be sending out.
  3. It had to be handled with due care and it had to be handled professionally by the people that were in charge of it.

Meaning of Due care & Due care Definition

Due Care,

Definition of Due Care:

  • The definition of Due Care is: Particular attention is paid to making consumers aware of the features of the insurance policy about the risks that may arise in future purchases.

Literal Meanings of Due Care


Meanings of Due:
  1. Expected or expected at some point.

  2. With the right quality or the right size.

  3. Someone is in favor of what is obligatory for him.

  4. Payment of mandatory fees.

  5. (Referring to a point on the compass) Direct.

Sentences of Due
  1. The baby is expected in August

  2. Driving without care or attention

  3. More than that, it attracts criticism

  4. Has been paying union dues for years

  5. Head south again on the same road

Synonyms of Due

satisfactory, ample, deserved fate, anticipated, expected, sufficient, scheduled for, appropriate, just punishment, fair treatment, undeviatingly, plumb, apt, toll, straight, charge, rightful treatment, awaited, directly, fitting, adequate, exactly, precisely, requisite, suitable, right and proper, enough


Meanings of Care:
  1. Provision of what is necessary for the health, well-being, care and safety of a person or thing.

  2. Serious care or consideration is used to correct something or to avoid harm or danger.

  3. Are you anxious or interested in making something important?

  4. Care and satisfaction.

  5. American Relief Cooperative Everywhere, a large private organization that provides long-term, emergency assistance to people in need around the world.

Sentences of Care
  1. Take care of parents

  2. He planned his departure very carefully

  3. They do not care about human life

  4. She has many animals to take care of

Synonyms of Care

heedfulness, caution, worry, charge, tutelage, attend to, observance, tend, attentiveness, bother, watchfulness, alertness, safe keeping, nurse, carefulness, look after, aegis, guidance, prudence, guardedness