Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing

Small business marketing blog created and maintained by Jon Janch.

Duct Tape Marketing is a marketing blog created by Jon Jantsch and aimed exclusively at small businesses.

Literal Meanings of Duct Tape Marketing


Meanings of Duct:
  1. A pipe, tube, or channel through which a gas or liquid is transported from one place to another.

  2. Box or channel for the passage of electrical cables.

  3. Sense of direction.

  4. Sending something over a channel (or series of channels).

Sentences of Duct
  1. Duct heating and air conditioning.


Meanings of Tape:
  1. Flexible web material with an adhesive surface on one or both sides of the tape.

  2. Thin, flat paper, plastic or similar flexible material, usually in rolls.

  3. The finish line stretched across the track to mark the end of the race.

  4. Magnetic or optical storage media on reels, video cassettes or audio cassettes.

  5. (by extension) Any video or audio recording, regardless of the method used to create it.

  6. A thoughtless, patterned response triggered by a specific stimulus.

  7. (of the ticker) The range of prices at which the financial instrument is traded.

  8. Packing of the main surface of the hockey stick for puck handling.

  9. A strong, flexible belt that runs on pulleys to feed sheets through a printing press.

  10. Adhesive tape.

  11. Recording, also on magnetic tape.

  12. (passive) Understand, comprehend.

Sentences of Tape
  1. Give me duct tape. I have to close a in this paper.

  2. After the party there was Scotch everywhere.

  3. Jones broke the tie in 47.77 seconds, a new world record.

  4. Did you record it?.

  5. Older couples sometimes pass each other tapes during an argument.

  6. Don't fight the gang.

  7. His passport was right on the tape.

  8. Please make sure to seal the package before shipping it.

  9. You shouldn't have said that. The microphone was on and we were recording.

  10. I finally recorded this piece.


Meanings of Marketing:
  1. Bargain in the market to buy or sell food or goods to get a good deal.

Sentences of Marketing
  1. We hope to launch an ecological model before the next quarter.

Duct Tape Marketing