Dual Residence

Dual Residence,

Dual Residence means,

A person or company that resides in two or more countries based on the laws of those countries, because the two countries have different definitions of residency

Literal Meanings of Dual Residence


Meanings of Dual:
  1. Double word format.

  2. A sentence, a sentence, etc. Which is copied by someone else.

  3. It consists of two parts, elements or aspects.

  4. (Sentences, impressions, etc.) Some pairs of terms, such as "dot" and "lines" are interchanged.

Sentences of Dual
  1. In fact, this theory is merely a duplication of Pascal's theory, which was proved in 1639.

  2. Your dual role at work and at home

Synonyms of Dual

double, binary, twofold


Meanings of Residence:
  1. A place is where you live.

Sentences of Residence
  1. The youth hostel moved out of a private home

Synonyms of Residence

address, accommodation, house, home, place of residence, place, apartment