Dual Priced

Dual Priced,

Dual Priced:

Meaning of Dual Priced: Two-price mutual funds have a bid price (bid) and a bid price (bid). The purchase price is higher than the selling price and this difference is known as spread or bid spread. The difference is usually 5% and can vary in reflecting changes in the market.

Literal Meanings of Dual Priced


Meanings of Dual:
  1. It consists of two parts, elements or aspects.

  2. (Theories, impressions, etc.) Specific pairs of terms, such as "point" and "line" are interconnected.

  3. Different forms of words.

  4. A sentence, a sentence, etc. Which is twice the size.

Sentences of Dual
  1. Its a double function at work and at home

  2. In fact, this theory is only one aspect of Pascal's theory, which was proved in 1639.

Synonyms of Dual

twofold, double, binary


Meanings of Priced:
  1. An amount of money that is expected, demanded, or paid.

  2. An unwanted experience or action was encountered or committed as a condition for achieving a goal.

  3. Determine the amount of payment required (something to sell).

  4. Find out or quote (sell something).

Sentences of Priced
  1. Land can be sold at a higher price

  2. The value of your success is debated throughout the day

  3. The watch costs 55 55

  4. He thought it was a simple cabin, although many of the things he had acquired over the years were so expensive that many people would breathe a sigh of relief.

Synonyms of Priced

value, figure, rate, sacrifice, penalty, cost, levy, put a price on, terms, assess, appraise, fee, set the price of, estimate, toll, evaluate, forfeiture, total, consequence, selling price, charge, assay, forfeit, fare, asking price, amount, payment, result, fix the price of, sum