Dual Dating

Dual Dating,

What is The Definition of Dual Dating?

  1. The report of this company or the date of the tester about which the next event is announced in the financial statistics is after the completion of the fieldwork, but before the release of the report. For example, January 3, 19 XXX, with the exception of Note X, is March 10, 19xx.

Literal Meanings of Dual Dating


Meanings of Dual:
  1. It consists of two parts, elements or aspects.

  2. (Ideas, impressions, etc.) which are connected to each other by exchanging specific pairs of terms, such as "dot" and "line".

  3. Different forms of words.

  4. A sentence, a sentence, etc. Which is twice the size.

Sentences of Dual
  1. Its a double function at work and at home

  2. In fact, this theory is only a duplication of Pascal's theory, which was proved in 1639.

Synonyms of Dual

double, twofold, binary


Meanings of Dating:
  1. The day of the month or year, denoted by a number.

  2. Dating or social or romantic affiliation.

  3. Set or modify a date (object or event)

  4. Notify (someone) of expiration

  5. Dating (who you love or have sex with)

  6. Soft rock brown oval fruit, full of hard rocks. It is usually eaten dry.

  7. Large palm trees with palm fronds are native to West Asia and North Africa.

Sentences of Dating
  1. what is the date today

  2. I have a hot date

  3. The painting is of 1460-1470

  4. Jazzy - What's up?

  5. Many years ago, I dated an ex-friend

  6. However, he warned diabetics to avoid low-calorie fruits, such as mangoes, pomegranates and currants, and high-calorie fruits such as dates and grapes.

  7. The Phoenix Sylvester Palm or Toddy Palm palm is very similar to the canary trees and food dates.

Synonyms of Dating

day, day of the month, occasion, year, anniversary, time, appointment, meeting, engagement, rendezvous, assignation, assign a date to, ascertain the date of, determine the date of, establish the date of, put a date on, put a date to, ascertain the age of, determine the age of, establish the age of, carbon-date, go out with, take out, go around with, go with, be involved with, be romantically linked with