What is The Meaning of DUAL BASIS PAYROLL?

DUAL BASIS PAYROLL can be defined as, It is named after the fact that compensation is paid for a full two years, ie for wages and salaries, for two consecutive periods. The first is the initial period you choose, for example, within 10 weeks of entitlement, during which 100% pay applies. After the first term, coverage remains for the remainder of the selected service period, but for the lower part of the salary. Coverage is flexible because the initial phase can be compacted or stabilized, depending on the level of business intervention.

Literal Meanings of DUAL BASIS PAYROLL


Meanings of DUAL:
  1. It consists of two parts, elements or aspects.

  2. (Ideas, impressions, etc.) which are connected to each other by exchanging specific pairs of terms, such as "dot" and "line".

  3. Different forms of words.

  4. A sentence, a sentence, etc. Live like any other sentence.

Sentences of DUAL
  1. Its a double function at work and at home

  2. In fact, this theory is only a duplication of Pascal's theory, which was proved in 1639.

Synonyms of DUAL

twofold, double, binary


Meanings of BASIS:
  1. The basic means or reasons for an idea, argument or action.

Sentences of BASIS
  1. Trust is the only key to a good working relationship

Synonyms of BASIS

root, core, foundation, base, starting point, heart, basis, origin, cause, source, kernel, centre


Meanings of PAYROLL:
  1. List of employees of the company and the amount they have to pay.

Sentences of PAYROLL
  1. There are only three employees on payroll