Ds Nissan Altima

Ds Nissan Altima

Nissan Ultima, DS change? 3

So I have a 2015 Nissan Ultima with Ds (Drive Sport) gearbox. Provided the car is not equipped with a hand lever. So what's the point without this change?

If the gear shift does not have the + and up and down symbols, then the DS simply puts the vehicle into play mode, which changes the shift point of the gearbox to more r and adjusts the engine time. .

Apparently, he never thought of reading the OERS manual.


The CVT can be operated in two different automatic driving modes:

1 - 2 D mode (driving mode) Shift the gear shift lever to D (driving mode), the transmission is in normal automatic advance mode. Displays the position indicator میٹر œDÃ â میٹر on the meter. Mode D (drive) does not provide the changing feel of traditional automatic transmissions.

Move the Ds (Drive Sport) mode gear shift from D (Drive) to Ds (Drive Sport). Displays the position indicator میٹر –Ds on the meter.

In Ds (Drive Sport) mode, the transmission control switches to sporty drive mode, which produces a sense of more aggressive acceleration than D (Drive) mode and pedals when the driver accelerates or uses the gear selector. Be available). When operating in Ds (Drive Sport) mode, the driver must shift gear shift from Ds mode to Ds mode and vice versa to re-select Ds (Drive Sport) mode.

To exit Ds mode, return the shift lever to the D (Steer) position. The transmission returns to automatic start mode.

The CVT can be operated in two manual driving modes:

 -  M mode (manual) (if available) Use shift lever in Ds (drive support) mode oar (if available) up (+) or perform (à €  ") a series of gear shifts. Displays the position indicator "M" on the gear and gear shift gauge.

In 1 Â Ds mode (sports driving mode), shift lever returns to D mode (steering mode).

Follow these steps to enjoy car performance and driving.

Note: The life force can be automatically reduced to protect the CVT if Jan increases rapidly while driving on slippery roads or using a specific dynamometer.

You can change gears or turn it with a lever, then turn it to the right.

Ds Nissan Altima

Ds Nissan Altima

The answer is in your quote manual.

Ds Nissan Altima