Druggist Liability Insurance

Druggist Liability Insurance,

Druggist Liability Insurance Meanings:

Druggist Liability Insurance definition is: A form of professional liability insurance that protects pharmacists from litigation due to prescription, improper drug administration and other interventions.

Literal Meanings of Druggist Liability Insurance


Meanings of Druggist:
  1. Pharmacist or drug dealer

Sentences of Druggist
  1. Recently, some pharmacists have refused to sell morning pills or refer patients to another pharmacist, citing ethical beliefs.

  2. The patient replied, "It's just a pharmacy around the corner."

  3. The first Korean to go to the United States was Jansing, a businessman who arrived in Hawaii in 1896, and was immediately followed by supermarkets and pharmacists.

  4. Pharmacists have lost not only sales but also other products ranging from sunscreen to socks.

  5. The first plate was coated with Cocoldon, a toxic, flammable compound that can be purchased at pharmacies as it is commonly used to heal wounds.

  6. Manufacturers, pharmacists and beauty salons have successfully adapted these images to boost sales of skin care products.

  7. From there, Eli Cerro Gordo returned, where he married, became a municipal pharmacist, worked as a postal agent, and eventually founded three newspapers.

  8. An elderly woman who was the wife of a pharmacist asked us about our hometown, military life, our business in Troy, and so on.

  9. It should have taken a little longer than that, because the pharmacist had to look at hundreds of small bottles to find the right ointment.

  10. Seven years later, he appeared in Wonderful Life as Clarence the Angel and Mr. Gower as a pharmacist.

  11. I spoke to the pharmacist in person, not the employee.


Meanings of Liability:
  1. The state of being responsible for something, especially in accordance with the law.

  2. Anything for which one is responsible, especially a loan or financial obligation.

  3. A person or thing whose presence or behavior embarrasses or harms someone.

Sentences of Liability
  1. She gave birth to a healthy baby and those who neglect her are responsible for the interview.

  2. The difference between responsibility for action and responsibility for negligence is well known.

  3. No legal impediment can deny the public the right to be responsible for the personal actions of their agents.

  4. Therefore, banks can avoid their liability for privacy violations due to legal rules and regulations.

  5. Legal experts are available at seminars to help clients minimize inheritance tax liability.

  6. Therefore, foreign companies are not subject to capital gains tax.

  7. If income from foreign employment contracts is not sent to Ireland, Irish income tax will not be levied.

  8. No one now knows the extent of criminal liability under federal law.

Synonyms of Liability

answerability, legal responsibility, debit, indebtedness, burden, nuisance, debt, encumbrance, responsibility, handicap, inconvenience


Meanings of Insurance:
  1. The process or arrangement in which a company or government agency guarantees compensation for some loss, injury, illness or death in exchange for premium payments.

  2. Insurance business.

  3. Payment for insurance.

  4. Payment is made under the insurance policy.

  5. Anything that provides protection against possible emergencies.

Sentences of Insurance
  1. In large corporations, group health insurance protects individuals from expensive situations that include less expensive situations.

  2. Identity theft is so common in the UK that many companies are now offering insurance to protect victims of this increasingly common type of fraud.

  3. The need for adequate insurance protection is also growing.

  4. Nothing will be insured.

  5. In this case, private insurance is no longer possible.

  6. If your parents now rely on care, you will not be able to insure.

  7. When security fails, the military cannot buy insurance for its own protection.

  8. This could be due to rumors that people were caught speeding or that driving without insurance could avoid legal action.

  9. Can relying on parental insurance significantly increase camp health costs?

  10. The best protection is proper helmet insurance.

Synonyms of Insurance

preventive measure, precaution, indemnification, surety, provision, safety measure, safeguard, financial protection, protection, cover, defence, immunity, security, shelter