Drug Utilization Review (DUR)

Drug Utilization Review (DUR),

Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Meanings:

Definition of Drug Utilization Review (DUR): The process by which health insurance evaluates or evaluates the use of prescription medications to identify a patient's treatment.

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Meanings of Drug:
  1. Medication (to someone) if they are sleepy or numb.

  2. Medicines or other substances with a physical effect when injected or introduced into the body.

Sentences of Drug
  1. They were drunk to silence him

  2. New medicine for people with Parkinson's

Synonyms of Drug

medicine, anaesthetize, give narcotics to, medicament, give drugs to, poison, give opiates to, medication, narcotize, medical drug, give an anaesthetic to


Meanings of Utilization:
  1. The process of using something in a practical and efficient way.

Sentences of Utilization
  1. Steps to improve resource utilization


Meanings of Review:
  1. Examine or evaluate (something) with the possibility or intention of making changes if necessary.

  2. Write critical reviews (books, plays, movies, etc.) for publication in newspapers or magazines.

  3. Performs formal and formal inspections of (an independent, commander-in-chief or high-ranking official) (military or navy)

  4. Watch again or watch again.

  5. Regular review or review of an item with the intent or purpose of making a change if necessary.

  6. Critical evaluation of a book, play, film, exhibition, etc. Published in a newspaper or magazine.

  7. Formal ceremonies and inspections by the military or navy are usually held by high-ranking rulers, commanders-in-chief or visitors.

Sentences of Review
  1. The company's security procedures are being reviewed

  2. Then I saw his first novel

  3. The queen inspects her colorful army

  4. All slides were examined by a pathologist.

  5. It released its first solo album to boost reviews.

  6. He made one final check on his army and spoke of his pride in serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Synonyms of Review

judge, notice, take a fresh look at, probe, think over, judgement, demonstration, look at in a different light, rethink, weigh up, inspection, re-examine, rate, inquiry, reassess, audit, study, write up, discuss, analysis, reconsider, commentary, muster, investigation, criticize, write-up, inspect, moderate, rating


Meanings of DUR:
  1. Used to comment on stupid or useless actions, especially of other people.