Drug abuse

Drug abuse,

Definition of Drug abuse:

  1. General use of addictive or illicit drugs.

  2. Forced, excessive and self-destructive use of drugs or substances that lead to intoxication and intoxication or dependence, severe physical damage (such as kidney, liver, heart) and / or psychological damage (such as dysfuntions, Deception, memory loss), or dead. It is also called substance abuse.

How to use Drug abuse in a sentence?

  1. After decades of pills and the smell of cocaine ruining his life, Ronnie decided it was time to find a cure for his addiction.
  2. The clinic was for people with drug problems and I felt my brother really needed to go.
  3. The CEO has been fired following the demise of his office, leaving everyone focused on their drug problem.
  4. Instead, use it to eliminate substance abuse and education so that people really understand the problem and the health care system.

Meaning of Drug abuse & Drug abuse Definition