Definition of Drought:

  1. A prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, leading to a shortage of water.

  2. Thirst.

  3. Most destructive of all natural disasters, it is generally defined as an extended period (season, year, several seasons or years) in which available water is insufficient for human, animal, and agricultural needs, usually due to deficient rainfall as compared with the average rainfall for the area.

Synonyms of Drought

Dry spell, Dry period, Lack of rain, Shortage of water, Absence, Appetite, Aridity, Aridness, Beggary, Canine appetite, Corkiness, Defectiveness, Deficiency, Deficit, Deprivation, Destitution, Dryness, Emptiness, Empty stomach, Famine, Hollow hunger, Hunger, Hungriness, Imperfection, Impoverishment, Incompleteness, Juicelessness, Lack, Need, Omission, Polydipsia, Relish, Saplessness, Shortage, Shortcoming, Shortfall, Starvation, Stomach, Sweet tooth, Tapeworm, Taste, Thirst, Thirstiness, Torment of Tantalus, Want, Wantage, Waterlessness, Watertight integrity, Watertightness, Thirstiness, Dryness

How to use Drought in a sentence?

  1. The cause of Europes recent droughts.

Meaning of Drought & Drought Definition