Definition of Drought:

  1. A prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, leading to a shortage of water.

  2. Thirst.

  3. Most destructive of all natural disasters, it is generally defined as an extended period (season, year, several seasons or years) in which available water is insufficient for human, animal, and agricultural needs, usually due to deficient rainfall as compared with the average rainfall for the area.

Synonyms of Drought

Dry spell, Dry period, Lack of rain, Shortage of water, Absence, Appetite, Aridity, Aridness, Beggary, Canine appetite, Corkiness, Defectiveness, Deficiency, Deficit, Deprivation, Destitution, Dryness, Emptiness, Empty stomach, Famine, Hollow hunger, Hunger, Hungriness, Imperfection, Impoverishment, Incompleteness, Juicelessness, Lack, Need, Omission, Polydipsia, Relish, Saplessness, Shortage, Shortcoming, Shortfall, Starvation, Stomach, Sweet tooth, Tapeworm, Taste, Thirst, Thirstiness, Torment of Tantalus, Want, Wantage, Waterlessness, Watertight integrity, Watertightness, Thirstiness, Dryness

How to use Drought in a sentence?

  1. The cause of Europes recent droughts.

Meaning of Drought & Drought Definition

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How Do You Define DROUGHT?

DROUGHT refers to Famine is a pattern of long-term climate consisting of arid conditions with little or no rainfall. During this time, food and water supplies may be cut off and other conditions, such as hunger, may occur. Droughts can last for years and are especially devastating in areas where people rely on agriculture to survive.

Meanings of DROUGHT

  1. Abnormally low rainfall over a long period of time, resulting in water scarcity.

  2. Thirsty.

Sentences of DROUGHT

  1. The cause of the recent drought in Europe


DROUGHT means,

Drought is a long-term seasonal pattern in which dry conditions occur with less or less rainfall. During this time, food and water may run out and other conditions, such as hunger, may develop. Drought can last for many years and is especially detrimental to areas where people depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

Meanings of DROUGHT

  1. Very short rainfall over a long period of time which leads to water scarcity.

Sentences of DROUGHT

  1. Causes of the recent drought in Europe

  2. I ask for something to relieve my dryness.

Synonyms of DROUGHT