Drop Down Provision

Drop Down Provision,

Drop Down Provision means,

The general policy stipulates that the umbrella exceeds the general threshold of a reduced or terminated policy. Some umbrellas have their own policy terms when they go out, others have taken over the central policy.

Drop Down Provision means: A clause used in the umbrella policy which states that when the umbrella is reduced or eliminated, it will exceed the general limits of the basic policy.

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Meanings of Provision:
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Sentences of Provision
  1. Civilian military contractors are responsible for providing these troops

  2. Financial institutions need to protect themselves from default

  3. Basic provisions of civil rights

Synonyms of Provision

giving, clause, furnish, distribution, donation, delivery, supplying, fit up, provide, purveying, accoutre, furnishing, resource, arrangements, specification, outfit, equipping, fit out, providing, stipulation