Definition of Driver:

  1. General: (1) Condition or decision that causes subsequent conditions or decisions to occur as a consequence of its own occurrence. (2) Element of a system that has a major or critical effect on the associated elements or the entire system. (3) Root cause of a condition or measurement.

  2. Computing: Data file that contains the instructions needed by a program to use a specific peripheral such as a modem, monitor, or printer.

Synonyms of Driver

Jehu, Simon Legree, Sunday driver, Absolute monarch, Absolute ruler, Agent, Airscrew, All-powerful ruler, Arrogator, Autarch, Autocrat, Backseat driver, Boy, Bullwhacker, Bus driver, Busman, Butler, Cabby, Cabdriver, Cabman, Caesar, Cameleer, Carter, Cartman, Charioteer, Chauffeur, Coachman, Coachy, Cocher, Cochero, Commissar, Conductor, Czar, Despot, Dictator, Disciplinarian, Drayman, Duce, Elephant driver, Engineer, Equerry, Fan, Functionary, Gardener, Gentleman, Gharry-wallah, Gillie, Hack, Hackdriver, Hackman, Hacky, Handler, Hard master, Harness racer, Hit-and-run driver, Houseboy, Houseman, Impeller, Jitney driver, Joyrider, Lord-in-waiting, Mahout, Man, Manipulator, Manservant, Martinet, Motorist, Mule skinner, Muleteer, Oligarch, Operant, Operative, Operator, Oppressor, Paddle wheel, Pharaoh, Pilot, Piston, Prop, Propellant, Propeller, Propulsor, Reinsman, Road hog, Rotor, Runner, Screw, Screw propeller, Skinner, Slave driver, Speeder, Stage coachman, Steersman, Stickler, Taxidriver, Teamster, Truck driver, Trucker, Truckman, Turbine, Twin screws, Tyrant, Usurper, Valet, Valet de chambre, Vetturino, Voiturier, Wagoner, Wagonman, Warlord, Wheel, Whip

Meaning of Driver & Driver Definition