What is The Meaning of Drive-In?

A staff of GEECO staff including GEECO employees where policyholders and beneficiaries bring their vehicles for inspection and damage assessment.

Literal Meanings of Drive-In


Meanings of Drive:
  1. Drive and control the direction and speed of motor vehicles.

  2. Press hard or turn in a certain direction.

  3. Causes or forces you (animal or human) to move in a certain direction.

  4. (Of a fact or feeling) that forces (a person) to behave in a certain way, especially in a way that is considered undesirable or inappropriate.

  5. Travel or travel.

  6. A natural biological drive to achieve a goal or to meet a need.

  7. In general, several fundraising efforts are made to achieve a specific goal.

  8. Transmission of power to engine or motor vehicle wheels.

  9. (When playing a ball game) A hard shot with a free movement of the foot against a stick, racket or ball.

Sentences of Drive
  1. Get in the car

  2. The wind will carry you to the ground

  3. They ride on a flock of sheep in the middle of the city

  4. I am driven by ambition

  5. They are walking in the field

  6. Emotional and sexual drive

  7. Planning a subscription campaign

Synonyms of Drive

manage, force, move, press, trip, constrain, compel, effort, desire, prompt, appeal, push, movement, get going, tour, campaign, power, propel, outing, appetite, catapult


Meanings of In:
  1. Explain the situation when it comes to covering or fencing something or looking like something else.

  2. Enter Enter periodically during which an event occurred or the situation persisted.

  3. State the time period before any future event occurs.

  4. (Usually after a non-specific noun) which expresses a condition or condition.

  5. Join or announce participation.

  6. Please show someone's occupation or profession.

  7. Determine the language or media used.

  8. As an integral part (an activity)

Sentences of In
  1. Wear your best Sunday

  2. They met in 1885

  3. See you in fifteen minutes

  4. Fall in love

  5. I read about it in a book

  6. She works in publishing

  7. Says in Polish

  8. When planning public spending, it's best to be cautious

  9. We knocked on the door but no one was inside

  10. Even before I left the election, I realized that there was a revolt.

  11. straight ahead

  12. We are stuck

Synonyms of In

bang up to date, up to the minute, in the course of, in vogue, present, at home, in the time of, indoors, within, after, popular, rising, inside, into the room, into the house, high, in style, in the middle of, home, over, voguish