Drinking Through A Straw After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Drinking Through A Straw After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Did I accidentally drink from a straw after removing my wisdom tooth? 3

Then two days ago two teeth of wisdom came out of me. My dentist told me not to drink straw for 3-4 days, nor should I drink anything but water. Yes, someone gave me a big lemonade with straw. I didn't think about it because I forgot to drink and drank lemonade through a straw.

Only today did I realize what I had done. I have done some research online and there are many people who say don't use straw because it can cause a condition called dry socket which is very painful. I'm so scared right now because I don't know if I was wrong or not. I'm not in pain or bleeding right now, can I recover or should I call my dentist and tell them what happened?

Whether this is a dry shop is almost an uncertain possibility. Since your surgery took place 2 days ago and you are not bleeding and you are not sick, even after using straw for a long day, I would say that the dry pan will not go away.

Corn! If you feel pain, you should see a dentist right away. Don't take antibiotics, only painkillers. If you are still worried, it is best to consult your dentist.

If you take drugs that dry out your mouth, smoke or cause poor hygiene, you are at higher risk. Straw piercing can be a problem, but I won't do it until it's fixed.

Just call your dentist. Accidents happen and you will still pay for them. :)

Drinking Through A Straw After Wisdom Teeth Removal